Managing My Website, Lesson Takeaways

Lesson Notes

Your admin log in URL is your web address followed by /wp-admin

Your username is your email address | You will receive a link to change your password. PLEASE make sure your passwords are at LEAST 12 characters …. pretty please.  You can create admin user accounts within the dashboard under users, NEVER use Admin as a username.  (if you don’t know your password, click on forgot password, it will email you) 

To edit a page, go to pages and choose the page you wish to edit, after making your changes remember to click the blue update button in the right column.

To add a page, go to pages and choose add page. Then add your title and content to the page and click publish. To make sure that your page appears in the main navigation links all you have to do is go to appearance > menus then (make sure you are on the correct menu, it should say main menu) add your link from the left bar and reposition it with drag and drop, then save the menu.

Tip: if you happen to have the duplicate page plugin installed you will have the option to duplicate an existing page if you happen to like the layout and style of it. From pages, roll over the title of a page you like the look of, then click duplicate page. After clicking duplicate page, it will automatically be saved in your pages as a draft, you can then edit the page, change the title, change the url and update the content and save. Again to add the page to the main navigation just go to appearance > menus and follow the instructions above.

Quick edit tip: after logging into the admin you will see a black bar across the top of the site, only you as the admin can see it, go to any page you want from the front view and click edit page from any page you want to edit.

Remember to make a back up before and after updating the site by going to the all in one wp migration plugin, and export to file, you don’t have to download the file but its good for extra safekeeping, The backup file will automatically end up on the server for us to access if we need it.

Your main navigation links are located in appearance > menus.

Your Footer items are located in Aveda > options > footer > then click on where it says click here … it will bring you to a page where the custom footer items are. If the footer items are not there then look in appearance > widgets (each website is a little different).

Editing your social media links is in Aveda > options > social media.

Viewing and exporting your contact form submissions can be found under the admin in contact forms (toward the bottom).

If you prefer to update the site files / themes / plugins yourself PLEASE use caution, run updates on a weekend, make a back up first and do one update at a time and check the site to make sure its still working.

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If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

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