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Monthly Maintenance On Websites Is Necessary

Did you know that monthly maintenance on websites is needed in order to ensure that your website continues working properly. In essence, it will go a long way in helping your website to run at peak performance. Websites are much like cars. Even the shiniest newest websites much be maintained on a regular basis. Otherwise, they simply will not work properly. For example, you can spend $250,000 on a brand new Ferrari, but if you fail to have the oil changed at regular intervals the car will not run right. At some point the engine will burn out and seize. The [...]

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3 Website Enhancements That Will Improve The User Experience

Did you know that your business website is the foundation of your digital marketing initiative? That means your potential and current customers or clients must have a positive experience when visiting your website. If your business website has not been updated in a while, chances are high that it needs a few website enhancements in order to keep your target audience engaged. Even if you have made some website enhancements or website makeovers a few years ago, digital trends are changing faster than the speed of light. Your current website may very well feel old and outdated, which is not helpful [...]

Do You Need A New Logo Design?

Did you know that a business logo is one of the main branding components for any company? In fact, it is typically the very first things that consumers relate to when someone talks about a product or service in person, on the phone, online, or through electronic messaging means such as email or texting. Logos can be so influential that the vast majority of marketing experts believe that they have the ability to actually manipulate consumers on a subconscious level. At this point you may be wondering if your current business logo is still affective. Maybe you need a new logo [...]

WordPress 5.8 Is Dropping Support For Internet Explorer 11!

Did you know that Wordpress 5.8 is dropping support for Internet Explorer 11? The big question of the day is how will the affect your website moving forward. First and foremost, you may very well start having issues viewing or managing your website. Worse yet, those issues will not be fixed moving forward. The bottom line is that if you’re currently utilizing Internet Explorer 11 it’s now to get rid of it and switch to a more current browser. So, what is a browser exactly and how does it work? In essence, a web browser provides you with the ability to [...]

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A Few Signs That Your Business Needs A New Website Design

If you’ve been wondering whether or not your business needs a new website design the chances are high that the answer is yes. Just the fact that you’ve been thinking about it is a tell tale sign that your current website is either old or outdated or both. Did you now that you website is your business’s best tool when it comes to advertising, marketing, and sales? First and foremost, it’s available to potential customers or potential clients 24/7. Second and just as important, your website is usually the first exposure that your potential customers/clients have with your business. As the [...]

Make Your Website Less Vulnerable to Hackers

Did you know that hackers do not only attempt to break into the large websites in order to steal information? In fact, most website hacking occurs with small to mid size business websites. This is due to the fact that the fruit is lower on the branch. In essence, it is easier to break into small to mid size business websites because small to mid size businesses are not spending as much money on website security. Website hackers or cyber thieves are criminals. Typically speaking, criminals take the easiest path to accomplish their goals. So, they tend to hack small business [...]

The Top Reasons Why You Need A New Website Design

Do you need a new website design? If you own or manage small business than your website is typically the first point of contact that potential customers or clients have with your organization. That means it needs to impress visitors right away. Otherwise people will be quick to move to your competitor’s websites. In addition to being the first point of contact with your potential customers or clients, your website is also a direct reflection of your company’s brand and image. If your website appears to be old and outdated, or it works too slowly, your potential customers or clients will [...]

Why Are Website Backups Necessary?

If you’re wondering why website backups are necessary please keep reading. What would happen to your business if your website went down for an extended period of time? If you sell products online you would lose a ton of sales. Can you survive loosing a ton of sales? If you utilize your website as a marketing tool and it goes down for an extended period of time what will your potential customers or clients think about your company? Chances are they will give up on you and move on to your competitors that actually have a functioning website. Once again, can [...]

Website Makeovers For Small Business Owners

There are a great deal of reasons why small business owners may need a website makeover. However, some are far more compelling than others. Giving your website a makeover is most likely the last thing you’re thinking about when it comes to your business, yet it may be one of the most import things that you can do. In essence, your website is a direct reflection of your company and yourself. That means if it looks old and outdated it makes your business look old and outdated. Even if you have the best products or services at the best price points, [...]

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Is your website ADA compliant? If not it needs to be. Maintaining an ADA compliant website could go a long way in protecting your small business against fines and lawsuits. It will also help your potential customers that need special accommodations. Did you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA for short, requires businesses to make accommodations for people who have disabilities? In 2018 it was ruled that websites are public domain, and that means web based content NEEDS to be completely accessible to users who are deaf or blind according to the law. In essence, these disabled users [...]

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