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Your Website Design Should Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Your Website Design Should Make You Stand Out From The Crowd Your website may very well be the first interaction that consumers have with your business. That means operating a poorly designed website, or one that fails to function smoothly will drive that potential customer directly to your competitors websites. In fact, 94% of consumers do not trust companies that have outdated websites. In essence, if you are neglecting your website it shows that you may also neglect your customers as well. In addition, 75% of your potential customers determine your organization’s credibility through your website. As you can clearly see, [...]

2020-12-27T16:19:31-05:00August 21st, 2020|Custom Website Design, Web Site Design|

Website Security Is Also Important For Small Organizations

Website Security Is Also Important For Small Organizations Typically speaking, when most people think about website security they are picturing the protection of large websites that conduct thousands or even millions of transactions on a daily basis. However, the negative impacts of your website being hacked are mammoth no matter the size of the company. Most small business owners are not aware of the fact that on average it costs over $1.7 million to address the damages from a cyber breach. The bottom line is this may very shut the doors of a small to mid-size business on a permanent basis. [...]

2020-12-27T16:21:59-05:00August 17th, 2020|Web Site Security|

MORE Tips To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

MORE Tips To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked It is far easier to stop something from happening in the first place than it is to repair the damages after it has occurred. This holds especially true when it comes to your website. In other words, having your website hacked can be a tremendous mess to fix that takes hours upon hours to recover. In addition, your Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short can take a big hit if Google decides to blacklist your website due to the damage that the hackers caused. When your website is hacked, files [...]

2020-12-27T16:24:06-05:00July 24th, 2020|Preventing Website Hackers, Web Site Security|

Tips To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

Tips To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked When your website goes live it is just like unlocking the door to your office. Better yet, it is just like unlocking the door to your office, leaving the safe wide open, and going home for the evening. It goes without saying that there are people out there that want to steal your valuable information. Electronic thieves, also known as hackers, can strike faster than you can  say cyber security. Even the largest corporations with the highest levels of protection are hacked on a constant basis. This is due to the fact [...]

2020-12-27T16:26:21-05:00July 2nd, 2020|Preventing Website Hackers, Web Site Security|

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic In these uncertain times, many business owners are scared of what the future will hold. While it’s impossible to know the full impact of COVID-19 on different types of businesses, there are some steps you can take to help make sure your company continues to succeed. Revitalize your online presence. We’ll assume you have a website, a necessary tool in this day and age. As you work at home, use this time to take a deep dive into whether or not your website is helping you achieve your goals. Maybe [...]

Thinking of starting up a blog?

Thinking of starting up a blog? Here's the 411 on how to get your blog on! Blog writing is a fundamental key in gaining higher visibility and rankings among the world wide web. Not only does blog writing generate a following among readers, it also positions your company as an industry leader, the go-to place for information pertaining to your industry. Gone are the days where "keywords" are the most important factor in gaining search engine visibility, now its all about content, relevant content. If you are thinking of starting up a blog; To become an industry leader you first have [...]

5 Simple Steps to Writing a Kick-Ass Blog!

A blog is in essence a type of online “journal” — and an interactive one at that. You can create a blog about practically anything under the sun, from diets and fitness to music and TV to scholarly subjects such as history and literature. Blogs also serve a variety of purposes — some are for those who simply want to remain “in the know” about a particular subject, while others are part of business sites; customers can come here to find out what others think about a product that they wish to buy or to share information about their experiences with [...]

Six Ways To Get More Inbound Links!

Knowing value of inbound links and how they help your site rank higher in search engines is critical in developing a better online marketing strategy. Inbound links can really give your site a boost but how do you get them? Is there some secret formula? Not exactly. There are many ways to get more inbound links, but here are six of the most practical ways: 1) Do a Guest Blog. Find a blog site you like, one that relates to your industry, of course. Study it and see what kinds of topics they cover. Then contact the blogger to ask if [...]

Common Web Site Security Issues With WordPress

Web site security issues with WordPress have become a known problem as a vast majority of WordPress sites and blogs are extremely vulnerable to various forms of cyber-attacks. This fact is especially troubling since over 172 million websites worldwide is now powered by the WordPress content management system. Some IT security experts report that over 70% of sites hosted on this platform have some vulnerabilities, increasing the chances of information theft or the planting of malware on the given site. A few of the most common security problems include SQL injection, easy access to sensitive backend files and administrator accounts that can be hacked too easily.

5 Marketing Myths That Could Hurt Your Sales

Success requires an open mind and the ability to evolve. If your business has been successful for many years but has started to plateau, you may be guilty of falling for these myths that can actually hold you back: 1) My business isn’t the kind that can benefit from a blog. Let’s say you own a carpet cleaning business. You can’t imagine doing a bi-weekly blog about cleaning carpets that will be interesting. But wait! Before you start a blog, think about the kinds of things that may interest potential customers. If they’ve searched for “carpet cleaning methods” or “carpet cleaners [...]

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