How to Make Your Site Work Better for You

How to Make Your Site Work Better for You

Do You Need a Website Makeover?

Your website has been like your business card, perhaps for several years. You may be reluctant to make changes. But consider this: technology is constantly evolving, and your business is likely continuously growing and changing in various ways. For these reasons, you’ve most likely outgrown your website.

What this means is that your website:

  • Doesn’t do all of the things that would be helpful for your business.
  • Is no longer effective in attracting traffic—and getting return traffic.
  • Doesn’t reflect where your business is TODAY.
  • Doesn’t get the results you want.

If any of these are true for you, read on.

Which makeover is right for your website?

There are many different kinds of website makeovers. A good web developer will sit down with you and determine your needs, which will then inform what kind of makeover makes the most sense. For example, if you’ve been adding more information and more pages for viewers to drill down, you may have too much content for your current design. So you’ll need to streamline the look of your site so that it’s easier to navigate. Remember, you want the most important content up front!

Once upon a time, a hotel company added so many extra amenities, they didn’t notice that the number of swimming pools was no longer visible on the home—or even secondary—pages. It was buried with a list on a page about golf. So sometimes it takes an objective viewer to see when a site is not functional or effective anymore.

Is the technology outdated on your website?

In the high-tech world, everything is being upgraded at a rate too fast for many companies to keep up with. Thank goodness there are web developers who can implement the most current platforms, which will not only affect the loading speed, but other aspects of the user experience as well. For instance, your website may not be as mobile-compatible as it once was. If it takes too long to load on a phone, or if the layout is compromised on a smaller screen, users won’t spend much time waiting before going on to another site. And you’ll lose out on their business.

Could you be missing out on benefits you didn’t even know about?

Many business owners are busy running their business, as they should be. In the meantime, you could be losing opportunities to more effectively reach customers or make extra money. For example, are you an expert in a field that people would pay to learn more about? You could offer downloadable content for a fee, using PayPal or other financial transaction software. Contractors could provide a Home Building 411, with information not available anywhere else on their site. Fitness experts could offer healthiest recipes for different body types. Photographers could offer some of their prints as downloadable options. You could increase your exposure by integrating your YouTube videos or social media presence. You could do a more frequent blog with links on social media platforms to bring in more traffic. Videos, animated content, more eye-catching elements can give your site a fresh, updated appearance.

The best thing a website makeover can do for you. . .

Usually your website is the first impression people have of you and your business. It can’t be said enough how first impressions make all the difference. If your site is confusing, not easy to navigate or slow to load, or just lacking in some essential ways, it leaves a bad impression.

Now let’s say that some of the same people have visited your site before and have returned.  If you update your website, it shows potential customers and clients that you keep your content current and relevant. Think about how many times you may have visited a company’s website, and have seen the same layout, same menu and basically the same everything. It gives the impression that the company, as well as the website, may be collecting dust, meaning it’s not being tended to and may not even be in business anymore! A website makeover shows that you’re a healthy, active company still competing in the marketplace, reaching out to customers and encouraging a dialogue with them.

Your Page Today will work with you on a makeover that can improve your brand identity, user experience, and provide updated technology to help you get better results. Even if you’re not technically savvy, we’ll work with you to determine what you’re looking for and how you can get there. Talk with us today.   

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