How to Build a Winning Web Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Winning Web Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Online Success!

About two years ago, Forbes predicted the following top trends would dominate the Internet landscape by now. Take a look, and see that these have stood the test of time:

  • websites
  • e-newsletters
  • social media
  • videos
  • articles on other websites

As you can see, all of these play a vital role in your overall marketing strategy. A successful marketing campaign incorporates all of these things. The question becomes: are you leveraging these ideas in a way that can spell success for your company? Have you been willing to try new things and expand your reach? Or are you stuck in the same rut that yields the same results year after year?

Laying the foundation

Every good marketing strategy begins with web development. Connect with a developer who understands your goals and your brand. Work with them to create a website that meets your needs. Next, create a web promotion plan. The two should go hand in hand.

Your web promotion plan will work best if it includes the top trends listed above.

Your website should be somewhat interactive, including opportunities for your consumers to connect with you. That’s why it’s important to do a regular, informative online blog. There should be images placed close to the top of the page, and SEO-friendly text that will get you noticed in search engines.

E-newsletters keep your consumers, and fans, up-to-date about what’s going on, gives you an opportunity to offer them special discounts and incentives, and more. You can get subscribers by including an opt-in email list. There’s no better way to reach people than by first having their permission to talk to them.

Social media has proven to be a valuable promotion tool IF you use it effectively. Social shares are excellent, because they help to build your credibility. If consumers have a good experience, or enjoy one of your products and they share it with their followers, it’s free advertising that comes from a genuine source. You can’t beat that!

Videos. It’s a proven fact. Videos and image-based content receive a higher click-through rate than text only. In fact, 96% of consumers have said that videos influence them when they’re deciding to make an online purchase. If your product would be helped by an explanation/demonstration video, consider this: 73% of online shoppers have made a purchase after viewing a demonstration video. Where should you place videos and images? Consider platforms such as YouTube, Buzzfeed, Instagram, Vine and Facebook, to name a few.

Articles on other websites. It’s important to be seen in multiple places. Did you know that only 2% of web traffic results in a sale on the first visit? You have to keep your name and your brand in consumers’ minds, and eventually you’ll be able to convert that name recognition to sales. It takes patience, but the rewards are worth it.

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