Getting Listed on Google Places (aka Google Local)

There are three different types of placement on the Google Search Engine:

  1. Pay for Placement – this is when you pay the search engine directly through Google Pay Per Click, or Ad Words for placement on the search engine. With this type of placement your basically bidding on keywords … in short if you bid more than your competition you will rank higher
  2. Google Local Placement (Google Places) – this will place your site in-between the pay for and the SEO rankings. This placement is FREE.
  3. SEO Placement – SEO is the art of optimizing your web site to be visible and ultimately ranked on search engines by means of an organic method, or natural selection.

How to get listed on Google Places

Did you know that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online? Getting your business web site listed on Google Places is a fantastic way to target a local audience fast, without “paying per click” or waiting for those all important seo rankings.

Here is how:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Under “Get your business found on Google” Click “get started for free”

Step 3: Sign into your Google account, or create an account by clicking on “Create an account now”

Step 4: Once your logged in you will see a screen to enter in your business phone number, after you do that click on “find business information”

Step 5. On the next screen you will either see information pertaining to your business that you can edit, or you will have the opportunity to create a new business listing. Fill in all of the information especially your web site address and be sure to add those keywords that you want potential clients to find you for!! The keywords are added in the Category field, and best of all you can have up to 5!!!!

Step 6. When you are finished they will give you the option to have a post card sent to you via us mail to verify you are who you say you are… OR you can have them call you. If the options is available opt to have them call you, it’s faster and easier.