How Do I Register a Domain Name?

If you buy a host package with you get a domain name included with your new host package. Contact us to find out what package is right for you! Click here for step by step instruction on getting a new host package all set up!

You can also purchase a new domain through domain registrars like:

TIP: To search and see if a domain name is available for purchase, the best way to do that is to simply type that name into a browser to see if there is a site on line, if not, chances are pretty good that it’s available.  Why? Because if you search for a domain directly through a domain registry or hosting web site there are programs out there that are used by those who purchase domains for reselling, and they have ways to see if you searched for it…then a few days later if you haven’t purchased it, they will and then try to resell it to you for hundreds or thousands. Searching in a browser is the safest way to ensure that it may not be purchased before you get your hands on it.