Getting Your Host Package Set Up

Step by step instructions

IONOS beginner package for LINUX

Here are Step-By-Step instructions for you to get your web site hosted. If you get stuck or need any help at all, please call or email us anytime!

STEP 1: Click here   Then scroll down to view available packages (typically the basic package is sufficient for smaller more basic websites)

STEP 2: Choose a domain name if you do not currently own one.

STEP 3: Remember to triple check the spelling if your getting a new domain name!

If your domain is currently hosted elsewhere it will tell you its not available, that’s ok; Simply choose Transfer Domain then choose point DNS to 1and1. (if you want to transfer the registrar it can take up a to a week), its faster to simply point the DNS settings. (don’t worry you can ignore this step if you haven’t previously registered a domain name)

Follow the prompts to continue on …

Your Customer ID will be sent via email (make sure you use a good working email address during this process), please choose and write down your password. (send this along to me along with your customer ID when you get that email) then Click “continue”

Fill out your credit card information and Click “continue” to follow the prompts and remember to send along your customer ID and password and we will get your web site up and running in no time at all!