It’s a known fact on the internet that if you have a website you will be hacked. It’s not a matter of IF it’s only a matter of WHEN and how extensive the damage is depends on how much work you put into prevention and a back up plan. Even small businesses can and will be hacked. Just because a website or a business might be small or large does not make it less likely to be hacked.

Consider this: Blizzard known for on-line gaming with well over 10 million subscribers worldwide has been hacked multiple times. Sometimes it’s for the monetary gain, other times its just to create a problem within a given system, and sometimes it’s to steal identities from your database. There are many different types of hacks and reasons for them.

A hacker could simply overload your website and create ghost traffic to your site. This will slow down your loading times and make your website crawl which will leave your customers waiting and waiting to get the information they are looking for. A hacker can try to infiltrate your website to gain your customer base. They will try to get information about your clients to use for themselves at a later time. There are other hackers that just want to go in and delete everything you have worked hard to get out to your clients. This can be a tireless effort to keep these files up to date to avoid any slow down on your website.

To give you an idea on how often hackers can attack these numbers will say it all.

  • Over 556 million victims of hackers per year
  • 1.5 million victims per DAY
  • 20 victims per second
  • Even Facebook is not immune to such attacks with over 600,000 attacks every single day.

Your Page Today can back up the files for your website. With a monthly backup plan and maintenance this will ensure that if any hackers do get into your system your files will be ready to get back up and running in a short amount of time. We can make sure your site runs as smoothly has you and your consumers expect it to. Your customers depend on your site for valuable information regarding your business. Learn more about how to protect and back up your website today!