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Have a WordPress site and want to learn how to use it?

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Great WordPress Plugins

Have a WordPress site and wane to get the most out of it? These great WordPress plugins will get your site optimized, spam free, secure and a whole lot more!

  • WordPress Simple Backup – Quick and easy full back up of your web site files and database.
  • Duplicator – One of my all time favorites, this is a fantastic plugin if you want to quickly and easily make a complete and full back up of your site files and database in one click! But remember to download your back up to your computer.
  • 6 Scan – Monitor security threats and malware vulnerabilities with this plugin, it also makes a back up of your site files and database every 7 days, but remember to download your back up to your computer. This plugin only allows for a certain amount of file space for back up, so make sure to upgrade to ensure that ALL of your files are being backed up.
  • All In One SEO Pack – Quickly and easily optimize each page of your web site and each blog post with all in one seo!
  • CformsII – Create contact forms that you can add to any page of your site in one click! This plug in is my favorite for contact forms because of how diverse it is, you can modify its css for styling, you can have the form submissions  go to multiple recipients, you can redirect them to another page or just post a success message upon submission, and much much more!
  • Next Gen Gallery – More than just a gallery …slide shows, multiple albums and more
  • Subscribe2 –  Simple subscription management and email notification system
  • JetPack – This plugin will supercharge your site with powerful social media sharing tools email tools, simple contact forms and much more
  • Quick page/post redirect – Redirect any of your pages to another site completely
  • Akismet – Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. Learn How …
  • Don’t let your copy get copied …We highly recommend a plugin called: WP-CopyRightPro, to install this plugin simply log in to your WordPress Admin , click on plugins and add new, then run a search for “WP-CopyRightPro” and install it. Remember to always to make a full back up of your site before installing any new plug ins.

How do you install Plugins?

  1. Make a complete back up of the site first (just in case)
  2. In your admin, left column, click on plugins
  3. Choose add new and search for the plugin you want
  4. Then install and activate

Great WordPress Templates

Looking into getting a WordPress site up and running but really cant invest in the cost of a custom design? Consider utilizing a WordPress template to get your site going.

Here is a great place to get started looking into templates: http://fthemes.com/

TIP: When purchasing or downloading a WordPress template, if you want to be able to modify the design at all then be sure to purchase the version that comes with the editable Photoshop files.