Every minute you’re losing customers.

Online marketing is an essential part of your business. If you’re not outsourcing, chances are you’re trying a do-it-yourself approach with a website template. And while you’re busy working on your business, you’re missing online customers every day.

The question is: Should you try to do it all yourself or outsource to marketing professionals? To make this decision, here are some things to consider:


If your business is landscaping, you should know every aspect of that business, from lawn and garden tools to proper watering techniques, etc. Marketing professionals like Your Page Today also specialize in every aspect of online marketing—responsive web design that fits any size device, smart technology to help you gather information about your customer base, the latest trends in site design and social media campaigns, and helping clients create the most effective strategies for their type of business. Imagine the benefits to YOU if you could put that level of knowledge to work for your company.


Your business is personal to you, as it should be. But when you’re so closely involved with something, you can’t always make the most objective decisions. Outsourcing to experts will enable you to see your brand the way others are seeing it, and get new ideas you may never have considered. For example, using CMS (content management systems), can help you learn more about your target audience. Are they active on social media? If so, which platforms appeal to them the most? Having this kind of valuable information can help you have a more streamlined, targeted approach to your marketing. You may even find out you’ve overlooked a major demographic that is in need of your products and services.


Do you have the time and energy necessary to devote to online branding, design, promotion and content creation, in addition to operating your business? You have to realize that the Internet is no longer the place where you can create a static website that serves as an online brochure that never changes. Gone are the days of posting an advertisement on a related website and hoping it brings traffic to you. Now you have to create fresh, informative content constantly in order to remain relevant to customers and visible in search engines. You have to be active on social media. Advertising on the Internet has turned into information—providing readers with something they need in order to find—and return to—your website. This level of content management takes time, effort and expertise.

You build your business, we’ll build your brand.

When you outsource, you want professionals who can design and create content that meets your objectives—and hopefully, exceeds your expectations. Let’s say your goals are: to be found in search engines, to attract readers, and to get people talking about and recommending you. You’ll need experts who can not only make your site content SEO-friendly, but also engage readers and make them want to return. To attract readers, you need attention-grabbing headlines that will yield a better click-through rate than your competitors. Sometimes you might think, “How hard can it be?” until you sit down to write your first headline. Remember, online marketing is an art and science, and your results will be better if you work with someone who specializes in it.

Many of our clients turn to us because they want to make better use of the Internet to increase sales or beef up their online presence, but they don’t have the time or expertise to do this themselves. That’s why we recommend focusing on your business to make it the best it can be, and outsourcing your online marketing to increase your chances of success.

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