Web Site Security Plan

Your morning begins as you walk in the door and are greeted by a flurry of frantic employees, numerous voice mails and text messages.

“Your website is down!” … “Data is lost!” … “A hacker has corrupted our website!” … “There’s a malware virus spreading everywhere!”

This nightmare happens far too often in the business world. Small businesses rely heavily on their computer systems and web sites in order to operate. Any malfunction can be disastrous. A web site that is down or hacked can mean lost sales and lost customers. A database loss can mean not only a loss of productivity but vital business records can be gone forever. Computers infected with malware or viruses can mean no productivity for the employees.

As part of the suite of the Your Page Today hacker protection and back up services…

We Now Offer …

Online file and database backups WITH hacker protection– Your Page Today can provide comprehensive file backups and database backups that are set on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Secure website file backups – Your web site files are copied on a routine schedule to a secured off-site server for easy recovery when needed. Your Page Today can maintain your back ups and restore your files in the event of any data loss. The restoration can take only minutes! ….Learn More!

Website security review and analysis – This process is specifically focused steps to prevent catastrophic web site loss. Your business web site is meticulously examined and any problem points are identified. Then a plan is established to mitigate those risks and reduce your chances of an outage, denial of service problem or a cyber-attack.

Anti-virus vulnerability review and recommendations – We confirm that your web site is protected against viruses and install software that is up to date and is set for maximum protection.

Hacker prevention maintenance – Hackers are persons who take great pride and pleasure in breaking through corporate firewalls and security measures. Once inside the business systems, they can corrupt or delete files, replace web site information with bogus data, cause denial of service attacks through request bombardment or any number of other violations. The news is filled with stories where hackers launch cyber-attacks on unsuspecting businesses of all sizes. On a monthly basis I can review your web site and systems to make sure that hacker risks are minimized. If an attack occurs, I can help you to restore your business to normal operations in a short period of time.

Malware monitoring and cleaning – Malware is a sneaky type of virus that can debilitate your web site. Users are swamped with pop-up messages that solicit the user to purchase software to “clean” the system. These messages are FAKE and simply take your money while wasting your time and destroying your business productivity. Malware can also delete random web site files rendering your web site useless.