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Romance Is Alive Year Round At Martha’s Vineyard Island (view this blog live here)

It seems like it was summer only yesterday and yet winter has arrived and settled in for the long haul. With February approaching faster than you would think, it is never too soon to start making your plans for that romantic winter escape, or for Valentine’s Day 2014. Martha’s Vineyard Island may be famous for its high season activities and enticements, but most do not know that even during the “off season” there are a large variety of activities perfect for the couple looking for an amorous destination to warm up the Winter days and nights.

The Hob Knob Inn of Edgartown is often considered a premiere location to spark the fire of passion for your winter getaway while on the Vineyard. The picturesque Gothic Revival Inn offers scrumptious Egyptian cotton linens, king sized beds, and down pillows for a truly pampered sleep experience which, along with the organic full-farm breakfast in bed, may entice you to never bother leaving the comfort of your idyllic room.

If your idea of a romantic escape includes gourmet dining–it doesn’t get any better than on the Vineyard. The fresh, local seafood is an obvious, and well deserved draw for epicureans from around the globe. Popular restaurants that specialize both in ambiance and unbelievable local seafood dishes include Lambert’s Cove Inn Restaurant, in Vineyard Haven, or The Terrace Restaurant at The Charlotte Inn, in Edgartown. Both locations epitomize romance with attention to all the right details. Treat your partner to delicious fare and a bottle of fine wine to celebrate your love on this upcoming Valentine’s Day, or for an any day couple’s getaway.

If exploration is more your style when it comes to a vacation designed for two, Martha’s Vineyard Island is home to some of the most beautiful natural sites in America, and beyond. Moshup Beach offers a scenic trail to view the Aquinnah Cliffs and their stunning views of the Vineyard Sound. A destination that remains a bit more off the “beaten path”, the beauty of Moshup Beach and the Aquinnah Cliffs is well worth the short drive from nearby towns. View the Gay Head Light on a leisurely walk around this secluded location and spend time with your loved one surrounded with the splendor of nature at its finest.

No matter what your plan for romance includes when visiting Martha’s Vineyard Island, Martha’s Vineyard Auto Rentals can provide you with so much more than first class transportation options. We strive to go above and beyond for all our customers. From offering complimentary pick up services from all Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Havens hotels and inns, as well as the Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY) to recommendations for top quality restaurants, lodgings, activities and so much more–Martha’s Vineyard Auto Rentals wants to make sure your trip to the Vineyard is nothing less than perfection.

Contact us now to reserve your car let us assist you in planning your next trip to the Vineyard. Come and see why Martha’s Vineyard is the number one romantic getaway for couples year round!

Historic Martha’s Vineyard Harbor Hotels (view this blog live here)

Historic Martha’s Vineyard Harbor Hotels welcome guests with their unique charm and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Lovingly cared for, many of these inns date back to the 1800s when whaling captains resided on the island.

Edgartown’s only waterfront hotel, the Harborside Inn, is comprised of seven buildings, some of which were the homes of 19th century whaling captains. The outdoor, waterfront pool and many of the luxurious rooms have picturesque views of the harbor and private docks. The Harborside Inn is only a stroll away from fine dinning, art galleries, and shops.

Also in Edgartown is the Harbor View Hotel. Built in 1891, it overlooks the Edgartown Lighthouse. Ocean views and vineyard decor keep generations returning to this historic hotel. Accommodations are available in the cottages, suites, main building, and Governor Mayhew Building.

Dockside Inn in Oak Bluffs is a boutique-style hotel with modern conveniences, nautical decor, and views of the harbor. Plus, the inn offers complimentary ice cream treats in the summer and fresh baked cookies in the afternoon. Guests can relax on the porch or walk to any of the shops and restaurants. The Dockside Inn’s friendly staff caters to every

guest’s individual needs.

Oak Bluffs Inn is located at the top of Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs. This whimsical Victorian is in the center of activities including nightlife and entertainment. The outlook from the hotel’s tower offers wonderful views of the village, ocean, and harbor. Amenities include free Wi-Fi and off street parking. Beach chairs, beach towels, and coolers are also available for beachcombers.

Guests can stay in a gingerbread cottage when booking one of the 32 rooms at the Pequot Hotel in Oaks Bluff. From the decorative lattice work on the porch to the cozy cottage decor guests will feel the warmth and charm of the vineyard. Only one block from the beach, the Pequot Hotel offers a fabulous, complimentary continental breakfast buffet each morning.

For a romantic vineyard getaway, the Thorncroft Inn in Vineyard Haven can’t be beat. Nestled on 2 and 1/2 acres of tree-shaded grounds and only 1 block from the ocean, the Thorncroft Inn entices couples with private hot tubs, 2 person whirlpools, and working fireplaces. The inn’s renowned concierge service is unique to Martha Vineyards hotels.

No matter which vineyard harbor hotel you choose to stay at, you will want to tour the island. We can provide you with the perfect vehicle for your needs. Our offices are located in Oak bluffs, Vineyard Haven, and Edgartown within walking distance of any ferry arriving at the island. Contact us for your Martha’s Vineyard car rental.

How to Safely Place Car Bids Online (view this blog live here)

There is nothing more exhausting than wandering through a lot full of used cars with a hungry salesman pouncing behind you. Since you can never be certain that the salesman is giving you the complete truth about a vehicle, the fear of paying handsomely for a lemon is always at the back of your mind. If this process has left a sour taste in your mouth in the past, make lemonade by placing car bids online.

My Automotive Inventory Network allows you to shop for used cars from the comfort of your own home. You can view pictures of each vehicle going up for auction along with informative descriptions of each vehicle’s condition. There are no hungry salesmen, no misleading sales pitches, and no marathon hikes through hot parking lots.

Once you realize how convenient online car auctions are, you may get that adrenaline rush that sends you frantically searching online for the perfect car at the best price. That excitement is part of this fun shopping process, but make sure to work your way down this checklist so you place your online bids safely.

1. Determine your preferred budget and your maximum budget.

There is no way to stick to your budget if you don’t know exactly what it is. Before you even start looking at vehicles, look at your bank account and determine two figures: the amount you prefer to pay for this vehicle and the maximum amount you can afford to pay. If an auction goes beyond the preferred number, you know your bid has to stop when you reach that maximum number.

You will need a credit card to participate in the bidding process, but My Automotive Inventory Network allows you to pay in cash when you pick up the vehicle or through wire transfer. Checks are sometimes accepted but must be preapproved.

Make sure to study the auction fees. The maximum amount you bid will be your maximum bidding allowance minus the expected fees.

2. Determine what type of car you want to purchase and what features you must have.

Will you only purchase cars that that have air conditioning? Are you more concerned with how the car runs than how it looks, or are you interested only in cars with decent exteriors? Write down your needs, but be prepared to adjust the list if you come across cars that meet other needs you didn’t think about in advance.

3. Find a public online auction where the inventory is located within reasonable distance from your home. Alternatively, find an auction system that will help you secure delivery of your new vehicle when you win your auction.

It makes no sense to place car bids online if you cannot pick up your vehicle or have it delivered within the time limit set by the auction company. For instance, My Automotive Inventory Network is located in the New England region and holds auctioned vehicles at a Massachusetts lot, but you don’t have to live in this region to participate in the auctions.

You can arrange to have your new car transported to your location at your own expense. We can help you find trustworthy transporters if you think this option will fit your needs better than traveling to our lot.

4. Make sure your chosen auction will allow you to view a vehicle prior to the auction. Do not assume that you have to trust what you see online just because these auctions are only held online.

If you don’t live in the New England area and can’t travel to the viewing lot in advance of the auction, you can use our vehicle inspection program to get an honest description of a vehicle’s condition before you place your bid.

5. Sign up for advance warning of upcoming auctions so you can view the vehicle selection in advance. My Automotive Inventory Network maintains a mailing list to notify all interested parties of upcoming auctions. Once you receive a notification, you can go to the website to look at the vehicles up for auction and determine if they meet your needs.

6. Enjoy the bidding process in the stress-free environment of your choice. This is the most important step, so don’t skip it. Remember, you are sqeezing the lemons of shopping at local lots to create sweet lemonade with our excellent customer service, honest car descriptions, and hassle-free auction process.

Do you have additional questions about online auctions? Contact us for prompt assistance.

Your Road Map to Online Car Auctions (view this blog live here)

These days, the ways of doing just about everything has changed. For example, at one time navigating on the road meant digging out and unfolding unwieldy roadmaps and doing your best to find a good route and hopefully stay on track. These days all you have to do is type or speak your destination into a GPS unit. Not just roadmaps have changed; everything from news to communication to entertainment to shopping is all a few seconds away and as simple as turning on an internet accessible device. One thing that has been hugely, but somewhat quietly, transformed by the technology is shopping for cars.

While everybody knows about the way online technology has altered news, communication, and entertainment, a vast majority of car shoppers still stick with the old fashioned way of finding and purchasing vehicles. Usually, this involves going to multiple car lots and dealing with numerous pushy, intimidating salespeople while trying to actually find the best car and ultimately negotiate the best price.

While many car buyers do use the internet for research, one thing you might not yet know is that with My Automotive Inventory Network you can not only utilize the internet to research available inventory but also engage the website for the entire car buying process. With online car auctions you can have all of the advantages of car browsing in person and then some.

This effective and exceptionally advantageous method of car buying is through online car auctions. Like other online actions, online car auctions enable you and other users to bid whatever you feel like paying on an item – in this case a variety of used cars.

These types of public car auctions have been happening for a long time – but now thanks to sites like My Auto In, it is possible for people to bid online from the comfort of their home without having to deal with any of the usual hassles of auctions or car shopping.

All you have to do is sign up for the My Auto In newsletter. After signing up you will be notified of all upcoming auctions. When a vehicle goes up for an online car auction, you can bid whatever you are comfortable buying – no pushiness, no pressure.

There is however, one very good reason that a majority of consumers still prefer to do their car shopping in person: the ability to see the car. This is a drawback with other types of online car buying, but My Auto In has resolved this issue. You have the option of getting a detailed condition report on our online auction cars done by an objective third party. It is as simple as that. If you do win the auction and become the purchaser of the vehicle, My Auto In will also connect you with your choice of reliable transporters to bring you your new purchase in Massachusetts, New England, or wherever you are.

When it comes to finding your next car, there is no reason to stay stuck in the past. Online car auctions have a set of benefits you will not find anywhere else. These days we buy everything else online, why not your next car?

Home Fire Safety: Knowledge and Preparation Can Save Lives (view this blog live here)

At the time of a fire emergency, knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can potentially save lives. In the event of a fire, it is important to be able to react quickly and efficiently when attempting to operate an extinguisher. The only way to improve your proficiency and reaction time in an emergency is to receive proper training. Unfortunately, the majority of adults have not received proper training on how to use a fire extinguisher.

The National Fire Prevention Association stresses that it is important to have a solid plan in the event a fire does occur with multiple safeguards available to protect lives.

The most common type of fire extinguisher for use at home is a Class ABC Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical fire extinguisher. This type of fire extinguisher is designed to fight fires involving ordinary combustibles (Class A materials) such as paper, cloth, wood, and some plastics, as well as (Class B) flammable liquid fires and fires involving (Class C) energized electrical equipment.

The ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher will extinguish fires involving grease, gasoline, oil and oil-based paints. This makes it a valuable tool in the kitchen in the event a grease fire occurs, or the basement or garage where flammable liquids may be stored. It is also suitable for use on energized electrical equipment such as fires involving ordinary household appliances, clothes dryers, space heaters, generators or any equipment that is plugged in. If you are renovating or remodeling your home, it is a good idea to have a Class ABC extinguisher readily available because during renovation there are many factors that could contribute to causing a fire.

Part of a strong fire prevention plan is to discuss escape routes and rally points with your family in case a fire does occur and you can’t put it out with an extinguisher. The plan should be practiced on a regular basis to ensure all family members know multiple escape routes in case of emergency and where to go once they are out of the house so a headcount can be taken to confirm everyone is safe. The plan should be written down and posted in a central location such as on the kitchen refrigerator.

Lastly, make sure that all fire extinguishers are checked on a regular basis

Fire Safety Corporation – (blog)

Fire Prevention Week is Coming Soon! Are You Ready? (view this blog live here)

Fire Prevention Week is coming soon! Are you and your employees ready for its arrival? If not, now is the time to get your fire prevention and safety initiatives in order. Here’s why:

According to the National Fire Prevention Association’s figures, approximately two American civilians die every six hours as a result of a fire. That translates to roughly eight fire related deaths a day or 240 a month. Understandably, the loss of human life is not the only cost associated with fires. There are also staggering, direct and indirect property damages to contend with as well. In 2012 alone, approximately $12,427,000,000 in direct damages were recorded. The indirect costs have yet to be revealed. These numbers only include fires that were reported but many fires go unreported each year.

The good news is that educating people about fire prevention and the use of fire safety equipment and products can go a long way toward reducing those numbers. That’s because the majority of all fires and fire related deaths are said to be preventable. Common, preventable causes of fires include carelessness with flammable items and the failure to use fire safety equipment properly.

Interestingly enough, our nation’s observance of Fire Prevention Week can be traced back to two major fires that took place concurrently in the fall of 1871. Each one caused extensive losses and was believed to have been preventable.

The first incident was the Great Chicago Fire. It cost more than 250 residents their lives and burned 2,000+ acres. The second incident was the Peshtigo Fire. It caused the deaths of more than 1,100 people across 16 different towns. It also destroyed more than 1 million acres.

The list of other damages connected to the two fires includes the following:

  • More than 17,000 structures were destroyed
  • More than 100,000 people were left homeless

The devastation left in the wake of the two events was enough to prompt the government to create this fire safety observance years later. It is designed to take place on the anniversary dates (October 8th and 9th) of the two fires. Although entirely focused on fire related matters, each year, the week’s theme varies. This year’s theme is kitchen fires.

For information on fire protection services and products that would be ideal for use during National Fire Prevention Week, please contact us at (978) 365-9100. As members of the National Fire Prevention Association and the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors, we would also encourage you to schedule a Fire Safety 101 Class. The Fire Safety 101 Class is designed to meet OSHA 1910.157 standards and includes how to and hands on instruction involving portable fire extinguishers, the dangers of confronting a fire, evacuation procedures and a review of pertinent information from your Emergency Action Plan.

Fiberglass as a Metal Alternative in the Manufacturing Industry

Strength, mold-ability and malleability (ability to be shaped easily) are some examples of the most desired properties that should be found in any material used for manufacturing. Statistically, metal has ruled as the exclusive substance used within the manufacturing sector. However, there has been some change in recent years as manufacturers look to get better value, and fiberglass is making a very significant presence as a worthy substitute for metals.

Fiberglass impressively fulfills all of the three criteria in addition to having an extra property – it is very lightweight. Fiberglass is very strong, yet it is easy to mold and resistant to many factors where metals fail. It can also stand a great deal of impact and tensile stress. The main characteristic that makes fiberglass stand out is its ability to withstand and endure multidimensional shock mostly because of the crisscross fiber arrangement that it follows.

Many industries make use of fiberglass molds, prominent ones being

  • automobile manufacturers
  • boat makers
  • railways
  • aircraft manufacturers
  • bulk storage container makers
  • leisure products manufacturing companies
  • structural product makers
  • pipe and duct makers

These are just a few and with new fiberglass driven innovations within the various industries, the list is bound to grow. Although fiberglass might rate less in hardness when compared to carbon fibers, it still wins because it is far less brittle and therefore superior in terms of longevity. Its superior mold ability makes it the best material for making quite a number of products for various applications. It takes far less effort when dealing with fiberglass than it would with any other synthetic material.

As opposed to many other manufacturing materials, fiberglass is impermeable to strong alkali and acids because it can’t get corroded. This makes it a very popular choice among manufacturers of bulk storage tanks for these highly corrosive substances, but it is also used for bulk gas and oil storage. The fiberglass molds are usually made in small sections which are easily transported to the sites where the assembly is done relatively fast. Even the super lightweight shell of the modern racing cars are made of fiberglass, which goes to show you the kind of precision that molding experts now have available. Likewise, quite a number of spare parts and accessories in the transportation industry are made of the same.

Fiberglass is very adaptable, which is why it is commonly used for maintenance and repair purposes as a spot reconstruction or replacement material. An important application of these fiberglass molds is the provision of heat proof coating since it is a good insulation product. Fiberglass is very versatile and it has found use in the construction industry for making panes and frames which are stronger and highly durable while providing better security than ordinary glass. A whole bathroom can be designed along with its utilities and they can be quickly fitted at the construction sites.

With this material the creation of complex designs and shapes – including certain finishes – is not a problem because the process of making the molds involves very advanced processes. Some molding companies, in this regard, have developed and perfected their production to meet the often complex demands of all manufacturing segments. The thing with fiberglass is that when you line it up against all the other manufacturing materials, in spite of some vulnerability, it still comes out on top in terms of the raw characteristics. Fiberglass does make a valid case in its attempts to dethrone metal as the choice material in the manufacturing industry.

Fiberglass Manufacturing & Distribution Company – (blog)

Important Applications of Fiberglass Tubing in the Oil Industry

Fiberglass is usually synonymous to household insulation. The glass substance found within fiberglass is actually the same kind as the glass substance which is applied in windows, and glass applications in buildings and houses alike. However, very few people are aware that fiberglass has been used in many other industries especially engineering. The primary fiberglass tubing use can be viewed on most injection wells in major oil companies all around the world. The uses of the fiberglass in the industry may vary with this composite mostly being used in applications such as gas lift wells and recycling wells.

Fiberglass is made by weaving together very thin glass fibers, hence the name, and it may be mainly used as reinforcement. When it is woven the material is often very stiff across its axis. This gives it an unbelievable level of strength in terms of tension and compression. It is surprisingly very flexible in that it can handle several more layers of fibers on top of it, and still control the strength and stiffness properties efficiently. Sounds like the perfect material to use in any type construction.

There are many reasons why fiberglass tubing is used extensively in the oil industry.

  • Cost efficiency. The oil industry is constantly in search of more cost efficient production methods. One advantage of using fiberglass is the period of the transportation of the corrosive liquids like water and/or oil is prolonged by up to 25 yrs. This period is far much longer than what is observed with other material alternatives.
  • Fiberglass is corrosion resistant. Piping material used should be inert (unreactive) to many different compounds such as acids, alkali, oxygen-containing compounds and hydrogen sulfide. The material ticks all the boxes, and as a result the pipes used with fiberglass tubing are not subjected to any solid precipitations or paraffin deposits.
  • Less maintenance costs. Fiberglass might be associated with expensive initial costs in some industries, but it still is king in terms of the low maintenance costs. Fiberglass is as strong as all other materials but it has the least cases of breakage.
  • Fiberglass make-up. Research has proven that this composite weighs up to 5 times less than all other metals, while still maintaining the same amount of strength and in some cases it is stronger. The weight is very beneficial in case of transportation especially where the well is located in a very remote area, it will be far much easier to carry fiberglass tubing than any metal tubing.
  • Fiberglass has a very smooth surface. This is very ideal in oil drilling because it minimizes the hydraulic resistance. Hydraulic resistance is the friction that occurs when the liquid e.g. oil which is being transported rubs against the walls of the tubing. The smoother the surface, the lesser the hydraulic resistance.

Fiberglass has very exclusive and unique qualities that cannot be overlooked in any industry. The application of fiberglass in the tubing pipes certainly decreases the possibility of having accidents during operations of gas and oil pipelines, thus greatly reducing accident risk in the process. Furthermore, the fiberglass helps the engineers in eliminating the salt depressions, paraffin plus other acids. As mentioned earlier, fiberglass is resistant to corrosion, thus there is no need for exuberant corrosion inhibitors. Lastly, because of the material’s strength is trusted, there would be much lower maintenance costs.

Graduation Party Ice Cream Truck Rental (view this landing page live here)

There are few instances in a young person’s life worth celebrating more than their graduation from school or college. A celebration to bring to an end all of the hard work and effort they have put in over the preceding years is the least they deserve. So, why not go all out and make the party one to remember?

Well, one great element of this will be to make sure that every guest has a mouthful of ice cream at some point through the day. Nick’s Ice Cream truck rental is perfect for this – delivering mouth-watering and delicious ice cream treats to all sorts of locations in and around Massachusetts. Since grad parties tend to happen during summer, there could hardly be anything more appropriate than a nice cooling ice cream in the sun.

So, how does it all work? Simple really: tell us where to drop by, and we’ll do the rest. Our dedicated driver will get to the location, dish out our ice cream to hungry guests, and clear up at the end. We only need a few basic details of the event, as well as payment, and the rest will is a very sweet tasting history.

So, the next time a member of the family graduates from high school or college, give us us a call. We’ll be more than happy to ensure that every guest at the event has their taste buds catered for!

Special Event Ice Cream Truck Rental (view this landing page live here)

A special event never goes down well unless all the guests stomachs are catered for, and ice-cream is never something that people are likely to turn away from. For a truly memorable ice-cream service, Nicks Ice Cream is here to help, offering a complete menu of delicious ice-cream treats to satisfy the most demanding customer.

The service is simple – order our ice cream truck to come to the event, and leave the rest to us. Give us a booking time and date, the location of the event, some contact details, and receive a top notch service that includes clean up at the end.

As a family business, we put all our efforts into delivering the best possible service regardless as to how big or small the event is. Weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, picnics, school functions, sporting events, car shows, fairs and carnivals, and the list goes on – we do it all! And with it comes nostalgia, remembering all of those delicious treats and ice-creams from childhood: a great way to get some conversation, and digestive juices, flowing.

So, for special events in MA, big and small, consider Nicks Ice Cream truck rental – when the event goes down a treat, there’ll be no doubt what many of the guests highlights will be – that delicious ice-cream!

Save Time With Auto Reconcile

Manually reconciling your accounts is like using a rotary phone: yes, it’s good to know how to do it, but it takes much longer, it’s more frustrating, and it does not always work the way you planned.

Does anyone remember the golden days of manually reconciling your accounts?

Here’s a Refresher of the Steps Involved:

  1. Record by hand every transaction, every day. Do not forget to record anything because when it comes time to reconcile, if you haven’t written it down you may end up spending large amounts of time to recall that $50 check you wrote for your slide rule.
  2. Make sure you write the correct date.
  3. Practice good math skills and keep an accurate running balance. If you don’t, you may end up with a negative balance sooner than you think.
  4. Write legibly – handwriting is important if you want to accurately balance the books.
  5. When you get your statement in the mail, open it and use the little form on the back of the page to help. It will tell you step by step how to reconcile your account in a totally easy, not-frustrating-at-all way.
  6. Make sure your checkbook and the bank balance. If they don’t, spend hours or days trying to figure out why you’re off by a penny.

Those days of manual labor are over! We have a time saving solution to get you into the 21st century with Pensmore’s Auto Reconcile for QB ! Forget doing it manually, simply take these 3 steps to AutoReconcile when you have synced QB to your bank accounts:

    1. Click the Reconcile Now button
    2. Enter statement ending date and balance
    3. Review and AutoReconcile …done

Pensmore’s Auto Reconcile will help you produce more accurate reporting and budgeting, as well as avoid negative balances and NSF charges.

It’s important to look over all deposits and checks in order to avoid fraud, especially when you have synced QB with your bank accounts. It is still up to you to detect any fraudulent charges on your account.

Best of all, Pensmore’s Auto Reconcile will save you a monumental amount of time. Giving you more time for your business! A rotary phone is part of history. So is manually reconciling any account.

QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier, or Pro: Which One Should I Use? Deciding which QuickBooks you need is a key to your business success. A little research can help you make an intelligent decision so you purchase what you need, but not more than you need. Here are some key questions to consider:

1. How many people will be using QuickBooks? If you are a small business with 3 or fewer people using the software, than consider Premier or Pro. But if you have more than 5 people who will use the software, then you need to consider the Enterprise version.

2. The size of your business needs for data will also determine which version is best for you. If you have large data files, then you need to consider the Enterprise version.

3. Do you need to create and email sales orders? If it would help your business now or in the future to be able to email orders, then you would need to use the Premier or Enterprise version.

4. If your business is so small that you do not want the software to assist you in creating a business plan, forecasting sales, or tracking inventory in multiple warehouses, then you will want to consider the Pro version.

Another key question is to compare your business now and where you want your business to be in a year. If for the questions above you see that you could use the Premier or Pro versions, could you also see your business changing so those versions would no longer work?

For example: Would you like for your business to change so you did need to create and email sales orders? Would you like your business to change so you needed more than 5 people using the software?

Whatever your answers were to those questions, you might want to consider QuickBooks Enterprise as the version for your business.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a method of resistance, or weight training that aims to maximize the amount of work that is done within a short space of time. It is great for people interested in both improved fitness and cardio function, strength increases, and muscle building.

The premise of circuit training is fairly simple: several exercises, usually between 3 and 7 (but sometimes more), will be performed in turn, one after another. Between each exercise will be a short rest period, and the entire circuit will often be completed 2 or 3 times. The different exercises will focus on different areas of the body, with some involving weights, and others using bodyweight exercises, or calisthenics. In addition, there are often cardio exercises involved, such as shuttle runs, to provide a full body cardio-strength workout.

Circuit training has a number of key benefits to those looking to both lose weight, improve their fitness levels, and increase strength. Here are some of the most important:

Maximizing Results in Short Time Periods

Circuits generally do not last very long. For example, a circuit may include 5 exercises, each one lasting 60 seconds. Between each exercise there may be 30 seconds of rest. A full circuit may only last about 7 or 8 minutes, therefore, with rest periods. When the circuit is repeated 2 or 3 times, the entire workout will only last 15-25 minutes at most. This is hugely beneficial for those who have limited time to exercise.

Completely Customizable

One of the wonderful things about circuit training is that any circuit can be completely customized. As such, anyone can create a workout that is perfectly suited to their needs. For example, those looking for a primarily cardio based circuit can include more cardio based exercises, such as shuttle runs and burpees, whilst those aiming at muscle building can incorporate more weighted exercises.

Whole Body Workouts

Most circuits challenge the entire body, stimulating the best possible results. Each station will be designed to target certain areas of the body, or certain muscle groups, therefore any exerciser will know that they’re hitting each part of their body. And, as mentioned, this can be through a variety of different exercises, from bodyweight exercises to those with weights, and those that increase heart rate and improve fitness.

Massive Metabolism Booster

Circuit training is essentially high intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight training combined, and this is a truly powerful combination. When working at at such intensities, metabolism rates will be sent into overdrive. So, while someone may not burn as many calories during 15 minutes of circuit training as they would during an hour going slow on the treadmill, they’ll keep burning calories long after due to the afterburn effect. So, they’ll be burning calories and shifting fat for hours after they’ve finished their workout, rather than just during it. This residual fat loss effect is the most effective method of losing weight quickly, healthily, and keeping it off for good.

It’s Fun and Engaging

Last of all – and this cannot be overlooked – circuit training is more engaging and enjoyable than most forms of exercise. The variety and intensity keeps people focused, while circuit training exercise classes and groups help to keep everyone motivated. The intensity of each exercise can also be increased or reduced to fit each person, meaning everyone gets exactly what they need out of each workout. There are few better forms of exercise than circuit training. It’s fun, varied, and helps to both improve strength, build muscle, and develop cardio fitness all at the same time.

One on One Personal Training

The simple fact is that most people do not have the personal, inner motivation, nor expertise or understanding, to commit to a health and fitness goal and see it through to the end. For this very reason, personal trainers and one on one coaching is so critical, allowing the client to set, and achieve their goals under the guidance of an experienced expert.

Personal Attention

The personal attention provided by a personal trainer cannot be overlooked. A professional can ensure that their client is performing each exercise in the right form, thus maximizing the gains they get from each session. Moreover, they are there to motivate and inspire; to make sure that their client gets through the session having pushed themselves far harder than they would if they’d been working out alone.

Individualized Sessions

When someone first sits down to consult with their potential trainer they will run through their exercise goals and preferences, their lifestyle and limitations, and their exercise history. From these details the personal trainer will be able to customize a specific exercise and workout schedule to meet the clients needs and desires. Together they will set goals, and then go about achieving them in the most direct way. This is a benefit of personal training that simply isn’t present for those exercising in groups or on their own.

Workouts Plans

More than this, a personal trainer will provide workout routines and exercise plans for their client to follow outside of their sessions. Some clients will only see their trainer once a week, and therefore having a personalized routine to go through during the other days is important. During each session, the trainer will then check to see how well their client is doing, what results they are getting, and how they are feeling. If any modifications need to be made, they will be, thus making sure that the client is getting as much as they can from their relationship.

Additional Advice

Most personal trainers are qualified to provide nutrition advice and guidance as well. When it comes down to it, nutrition is the foundation of fat loss and muscle growth, as well as optimal health. As such, a fully qualified personal trainer will be able to offer support and guidance with regards to what their clients are eating, and will let them know of any changes than will need to be made to see improved results, regardless as to whether they’re seeking fat loss, improved 10k times, rehab, and so on. If they are not in a position to offer specialist advice, they will be able to put their clients in touch with other nutrition professionals who can.

Strategy and Guidance

The main point of any personal trainer is to be their clients one stop shop for everything relating to their health. They will not only help them to forge a strategy to help them achieve the goals they set together, but they will be there to ensure that that strategy is acted upon and put fully into effect. The truth is that anyone who is attempting to achieve any health or fitness goal is likely to see better results when they are being guided, and held accountable, by an experienced professional. This is the primary mandate of the personal trainer.

No More Internet Explorer? What This Change Means for Your Website

Microsoft’s announcement that there will no longer be an Internet Explorer is big news for your business. It means that now more than ever, you have to be on the web to be considered relevant, and you absolutely have to have SEO-friendly content.

In a nutshell …Nearly two decades ago, Microsoft launched its famous Internet Explorer, which has served as a gateway to the internet. But for many internet users, the “exploring” usually led immediately to sites with search engines to quickly locate content that the user wanted to find. In the early days, there were search sites like Web Crawler, among others. But from the sea of search engines emerged Google and Google Chrome, which have proven to be the ones to beat.

What will Microsoft do with Explorer? Rumor has it they’re working on a new brand, to be rolled out with Windows 10. The temporary name is Project Spartan (but luckily, this will be renamed). It will be a browser designed to compete with the Goliath of search engines—Google Chrome. They’re tossing around words like simple, smarter and more secure. Let those be clues for what you’ll want your website to achieve.

How will the Internet Explorer change affect you? This move on Microsoft’s part only underscores just how essential search engines have become in our experience of the internet and the way we now access information. Your customers are short on time, but when they need answers, they want to find them quickly. Hopefully, they’ll come to you. It’s critical that your business establishes an online presence that can be located quickly and easily in the search engines, whether someone uses Google or tries out Microsoft’s next big thing. And you’ll want to be sure your business is poised and ready to be discovered.

You’ll need to arm your site with 3 things:

  1. A fast loading experience. New browsers mean a greater need for speed. Don’t lose business because a user can’t wait all day for your site to load.
  2. Dynamic, relevant content that solves a problem or benefits the consumer.
  3. Partner with professionals to ensure your site will have everything it needs to compete in this ever-evolving platform.

Number 3 also means having a partner who will keep up-to-date on how new browsers may affect SEO trends. After all, you’re busy managing your company. You don’t want to spend time trying to stay current on how technology may impact your website. Leave that to us!

Contact us today to create a website that gets noticed!