If you’ve been following our blog, you know some of the main SEO elements to include on your website. You know about responsive design, which makes your site viewable on any type of device, from laptops to mobile phones. You also know about location-specific keywords, and the need to include some pertinent keywords in your URL.

Here are a few more helpful hints:

Titles and images

Keywords aren’t just for text on your page. Be sure to not only optimize your page titles with relevant keywords, but your image descriptions and captions as well. Your title should be about 50-60 characters, and your meta description should be around 150-160 characters.

Name your image file name with specific keywords, and use HTML to create captions that identify your images. This will help your search engine rankings. If you’re not a high-tech person or don’t have the time to focus on your website strategy, please work with an experienced web developer who can do these things for you.

Website navigation and outdated pages

Think of your site navigation as a road map to all the content on your site and how it’s organized. You’ll want to have text-based navigation, which serves two purposes: it’s easy for viewers to follow AND it will help search engine crawlers. That’s a win-win!

What about old pages that have since been redesigned and updated? You don’t want your viewers to get the dreaded 404 error page, so what do you do? If you deleted old pages, be sure to redirect using 301 redirects. There is also a plug-in named Redirection. This will inform the search engines of your new pages. A good web developer can help you create new files on your server that will be SEO-friendly.

Solving common problems

When you work with a professional web developer, she can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that cause viewers to leave your website. For example, a mobile-friendly website means it’s not only viewable on a mobile phone, but it should be able to load quickly (attention spans have gotten shorter), and be free of any misdirected pages that lead to dead ends. Nothing is more aggravating to viewers. A good developer can also ensure that you have the elements necessary on your pages to get ranked higher in search engines—visual content (images, infographics and videos), text that is engaging with an eye for SEO, identifying information that search engines will pick up (mentioned above), and working, relevant links.

Remember, SEO-friendly doesn’t only refer to being seen in search engines. It’s also about making a website visitor-friendly, increasing functionality and making a site easier to navigate. When you design a site with your viewer in mind, you also make choices that will help your search rankings.

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