Blog Writers

Interested in being a blog (ghost) writer for Your Page Today?

We take pride in producing outstanding blog posts for our clients, so we never settle for less than the best! Our blog posts are meant to serve as content that helps drive our clients inbound marketing efforts, with relevant keyword rich information that their target audience will be drawn to.

Here is what it takes to be a writer for Your Page Today:

1. Submit to us a sample blog post
Fill out the form to get more info (the one over there on the right of the page)… rather than just any sample, I can give you information on an actual client, that way if we love the post, not only are you hired, but you also get paid!

2. When submitting a sample post or writing an actual post here are some very important guidelines that we love to follow:

  • All content must be 100% unique, never copied. We test all posts submitted for uniqueness.
  • All posts must be a minimum of 450 – 500 words.
  • We love when posts utilize proper grammar and spelling.
  • We prefer paragraphs that utilize bold headings and lists whenever possible to make the content easier to read.
  • All posts that are paid for become the property of Your Page Today, then the property of the client after they pay, therefore as a ghost writer you are not allowed to use the post content in a portfolio HOWEVER if you need a reference or testimonial, don’t be shy  …just ask.
  • Keywords, we Love SEO, so make sure that without making the posts sound too much like a sales man, add in those keywords when you can.
  • We not only like a good opening paragraph, but make sure that you don’t just stop the post all of a sudden without a nice conclusion paragraph, which is also a great place to add in something like to learn more about …contact us, or visit this page for more info etc..
  • And lastly We Love when our writers come up with awesome titles for posts for us! We really need that creativity, it’s a huge time saver, the more creative you are the more work we send you way!
  • Don’t worry about images and formatting of the post we take care of that part.
  • Currently all posts that our writers write for us will be paid at a rate of $10 per post (that’s more than BlogMutt pays their writers!)  We can pay weekly or monthly whatever you prefer and we love PayPal but can pay via check too, no worries!
  • If you are a US citizen we require your W9 info.

3. Let’s get started, contact us today to get more info for your first sample!  >>>>>>>>>