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A New Year, A New Website

The New Year’s Resolution You Can’t Afford NOT to Make When the New Year rolls around, many people think of giving themselves a personal makeover. Everyone wants to go on a new diet or join a gym. But what about giving your business—and income—a makeover? Why Every Business Needs a Website The health of your business depends on getting the [...]

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How to Build a Following Online

Use the Internet to increase your audience AND your sales Whether you write books, play in a band, sell your art at craft shows, you can harness the power of the web to build your brand and ultimately increase your revenue. Who says you have to be a starving artist? First, it’s worth the investment up-front to have a polished, [...]

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Avoid These 4 Ineffective Website Designs

Don’t Make these Mistakes If you choose not to work with a web developer and you go it alone, or you hire a web designer who isn’t marketing savvy, you could fall into a trap of using website designs that will hurt, not help, your business. Here we’re taking a look at four of the outdated website designs to watch [...]

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Make Your Website Stand Out from the Pack …by NOT Doing These 4 Things

If you’ve browsed the websites of others in your industry, you’ll find that there are too many generic-looking, professional websites out there. Here are some ideas to help you stand out instead of getting lost in the crowd: 1. Don’t make a bad first impression with a BOORING template site. With all of the hosting and template services available, it’s [...]

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What to Expect When You Work with a Web Developer

What to know before you begin. . . First of all, there’s some confusion about the differences between web developers and web designers. A web designer is all about the look and feel of a website. A web developer knows the inner workings of the site and creates an overall experience on the web. At Your Page Today, we do [...]

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3 Goals for a Successful Website …Does your website measure up?

Your website is your calling card, the first impression any potential customer will have of you and your business. It’s the place that tells people everything they need to know about you. To make your website work for you, know what you hope to achieve with it. Then make sure you’ve done everything to meet those goals on your site. [...]

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Website

Whether you’re building your first website or redesigning an existing one, keep in mind these 5 questions to ask yourself. 1) What are your goals for your website? Before putting something online, you need to ask what it is you hope to achieve with your site. Here are some possibilities: Establish your brand Promote your business Generate sales Lay the [...]

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Recommended Landing Page Design Tips

Landing page design is one of the most important elements of putting together a website that will yield high conversions. A landing page gives visitors that vital first impression, and it usually determines if they will stay to explore the site further. The following tips for landing page design will both facilitate building them and getting the results you want as a site owner.

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Recommended Best Web Site Development Practices

Getting started with web site development often seems overwhelming at first due to the large numbers of resources, practices and ideas out there for getting the best results. What’s a good idea today may soon become outdated in a short amount of time. A few fundamental practices do apply regardless of search engine algorithm changes or web development trends. Creating interesting content, engaging with readers, making navigation user-friendly and applying good formatting practices will not go out of style any time soon.

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