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Launching 2018 with Facebook Ads that work!

Facebook is a growing social media platform that hosts over 1 billion active users on a daily basis! If you have tried your hand at marketing on Facebook, then you know that while it's quite easy to get likes, shares and clicks on funny cat photos and videos, it's not always as easy attracting those ideal candidates to your Facebook [...]

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What Social Media IS and What it ISN’T

How to Use Social Media Effectively The best way to understand social media is to first understand what it ISN’T. Social media is NOT for self-promotion. It IS for interacting with your customers and piquing their interest. It’s also an excellent vehicle to address their concerns. You don’t want to be one of those companies that hammer people to death [...]

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Surprising Facts about Social Media

Your Questions Answered Social media is an exciting, and mysterious, marketing concept for most businesses. It seems that most are aware that there is a need to connect via social media platforms, but they don’t know how to take advantage of the opportunities that social media affords.(See last week’s blog for information about using social media to your company’s advantage.) [...]

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Secrets of Success with Social Media

Straight Talk to Make Social Media Work for You This holiday season, our gift to you is the secret of successful social media marketing. The truth is, most businesses aren’t reaping the benefits of social media. Here’s how YOU can: Quality over quantity Many companies believe they should have as many social media accounts as possible. While we’ve talked about [...]

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The Top 4 Social Media Accounts You Should Have

Lets explore the top 4 social media accounts you should have and what each can offer your business! First, this blog is going to assume that your business already has a website. If not, be sure to look at previous blogs, which provide advice on securing a domain name, making sure your company name is apparent in your URL address, [...]

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How to Get Free Advertising for Your Business

How to Grow Your Business with Social Media and Other Marketing at No Cost to You There are several powerful, effective ways to generate buzz about your business that won’t cost you anything. Social media We’ve talked about having a social media presence to ensure your success. It’s more important than ever before! It can take time, but the results [...]

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Get Ranked Higher on Google

7 SEO tips to optimize your search engine rankings You’ve heard about Google’s new algorithms. But do you understand what they mean? Do you also know that they constantly change? Now more than ever, you need to work with a web developer who stays up-to-date on these changes, so your SEO will reflect what works. Your Page Today will deliver [...]

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Beyond SEO: New Strategies for Online Marketing

Is YOUR business ready for a brave new web? Too much data analysis can ruin your business. Wait. . .what? Isn’t it important to know if you’re getting ranked high enough in search engines, if customers are clicking on the right things, how much traffic is coming to your site and from where and when? Yes, yes and yes! It’s [...]

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Get the Right Traffic to Your Site!

3 Lesser-known Ideas for Maximizing Your Website’s Potential You’ve done everything you know to make your website an effective extension of your business. You’ve checked to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. You manage your SEO and change the contents of your site frequently with blogs and other relevant information. But as you navigate the world of the web, you [...]

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3 Goals for a Successful Website …Does your website measure up?

Your website is your calling card, the first impression any potential customer will have of you and your business. It’s the place that tells people everything they need to know about you. To make your website work for you, know what you hope to achieve with it. Then make sure you’ve done everything to meet those goals on your site. [...]

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