Photos for Blog Posts

Visual Content Marketing By the Numbers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Never has this been more true than on your website. It’s increasingly important to include video or graphic elements to accompany the text on your website. Why? Consider this: The average person gets distracted in 8 seconds. Think about that a moment. Whether it’s text or video, you have to grab [...]

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Twitter for Business SEO Strategies for 2015

Twitter is a lot more than the 140-character shout out to your colleagues or friends about what you had for lunch, or how cute your pet is.  The ever growing micro-blogging social media platform has gained traction with two key constituencies - search engines and the media – which can be very useful in your SEO strategy. How, you may [...]

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Why Photos are Important for your Blog Posts

Remember being a kid and how much you loved you see pictures? Some things never change. Yes a photo can speak a thousand words but if the quality of your blog image isn't up to par, the likelihood of your article actually being read is slim to none. Why is Visual Content so Important? According to our friends at, [...]

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Recommended Best Web Site Development Practices

Getting started with web site development often seems overwhelming at first due to the large numbers of resources, practices and ideas out there for getting the best results. What’s a good idea today may soon become outdated in a short amount of time. A few fundamental practices do apply regardless of search engine algorithm changes or web development trends. Creating interesting content, engaging with readers, making navigation user-friendly and applying good formatting practices will not go out of style any time soon.

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